Are Dental Crowns Painful?

dental crowns
December 29, 2020

Dentistry advancements pave the way for the development of new treatments to address every patient’s need. However, most patients still choose traditional treatments because of their results, including crowns in Boynton Beach.

This dental treatment is a great solution for major dental problems caused by accidents and diseases. Crowns are particularly effective for replacing missing teeth, along with chipped, fractured, broken, and worn-down teeth. Nonetheless, there is still a rumor that dental crown treatment is painful. However, it’s not, and here’s why!

Where can I get Crowns Boynton Beach?

Procedures and Benefits of Dental Crowns

How is Dental Crown Treatment Performed?

Crowns are designed to appear like natural teeth and provide a functional and attractive solution. They are made out of different materials such as ceramic, metal, or porcelain. On your first appointment, you need to make sure that the affected tooth is clean and prepared.

You’ll know that the treatment has started when your dentist begins to put you under a sedative. The purpose of which is to help you relax during the treatment. Hence, the treatment will not be painful.

Once the sedative takes effect, your dentist will scrape a portion of your tooth so the crown can fit perfectly. Impressions of your teeth are also made before the treatment starts. This is to guarantee that the custom-created crown completely fits your natural tooth. However, remember that your dentist will only place a temporary crown during the first appointment. It is on your second visit when a permanent crown is placed.

What are the Benefits?

Patients who got dental crowns can attest that the treatment offers several benefits. It corrects dental issues with chewing, can restore your natural tooth function, and looks completely natural. It provides sufficient support to badly broken or misshapen teeth. But the most notable benefit dental crowns can offer is to replace your missing teeth efficiently.

Where can I get Crowns Boynton Beach?

Get Dental Crowns in Boynton Beach

It is a common myth that getting a dental crown is a painful experience. Thanks to sedation and anesthetic use, several patients feel only mild discomfort during and after the treatment. The advantages of getting a crown far outweigh the temporary discomfort of the treatment. Schedule an appointment with Franklin A Landers DDS if you want to get dental crowns!

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