How Can Smoking Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

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September 3, 2020

Dentist in Boynton Beach recommends smokers to quit smoking or limit their daily use. That’s because smoking is an unhealthy habit that can damage not just your lungs, but also your oral health. The tobacco inside cigarettes can stain your teeth, increase your chances of developing periodontal disease, and cause oral cancer. In this article, we will discuss the different ways that smoking can affect your teeth and gums.

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How Can Smoking Affect Your Teeth and Gums?

Smoking Stains Your Teeth

The tar and nicotine found in cigarettes can stain your teeth and cause them to turn yellow. If you want to have whiter, healthier teeth, it’s best to avoid smoking. 

Smoking Causes Bad Breath

Smoking causes bad breath. It also affects your ability to taste and smell. If you have chronic bad breath, talk with a dentist in Boynton Beach to know if smoking is the root cause. 

Smoking Affects Your Saliva Flow

When acid attacks the protective surfaces of your teeth, your saliva helps repair your tooth enamel. Your saliva contains calcium, fluoride, and other minerals that help keep your teeth strong and healthy. When the saliva flow in your mouth is affected, plaque and bacteria can stick to your teeth and gums easier. Over time, it can buildup and harden into tartar. Because of this, you’re more likely to develop periodontal disease. Tooth loss is one of the many consequences of smoking. 

Smoking Restricts Your Blood Flow

Smoking interferes with the normal function of your gums and restricts your blood flow. This can slow your healing and cause infection. That’s why, if you plan to undergo oral surgery, it’s best to stop smoking for a while. 

Smoking Leads to Oral Cancer

According to research, about 90% of people diagnosed with oral cancer used to tobacco. Studies also show that smokers are more likely to develop oral cancers compared to nonsmokers. 

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Avoid smoking to protect your mouth and lungs from damage! At Franklin A Landers DDS, we offer a wide range of dental services that can help restore your teeth’ whiteness and improve your oral health! Contact us for inquiries! 

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