Important Facts about TMJ Disorder

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January 27, 2021

It’s all too common for adults to suffer from severe facial pain such as earaches, headaches, or jaw pain. The source of this pain and discomfort may be associated with one or more temporomandibular joints.

Situated on each side of your head, these joints work together with the complicated system of bones, discs, ligaments, and muscles. Once this process is restricted, you will have to undergo TMJ therapy in Boynton Beach to prevent further discomfort and potential damage.

where to get tmj treatment in boynton beach?

TMJ Disorder and Its Causes

What is a TMJ Disorder?

TMJ disorder involves a poorly understood and complicated set of conditions categorized by pain in the surrounding tissues and jaw joints. It limits your jaw movements sometimes to the point that you won’t be able to eat or speak.

Likewise, conditions and other injuries like arthritis and dental trauma may routinely affect the joints in your body.

Who is Affected?

According to statistics, about 35 million individuals or 12% of the American population are affected by TMJ disorder. Although both men and women are affected by this disorder, the majority of those seeking TMJ therapy are women who are in their childbearing years.

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

The most common causes of TMJ disorders are jaw injury or dislocation, a misaligned bite, and arthritis. Apart from these common causes, there are other reasons why you develop this complex condition. Your TMJ disorder may be due to the insertion of a breathing tube before a surgery, prolonged mouth opening, infections, or the development of autoimmune diseases.

Moreover, environmental, hormonal, and genetic factors may also increase your risk of having a TMJ disorder. For instance, various research shows that a particular gene variant escalates joint sensitivity. Environmental factors like sustained jaw positions or habitual gum chewing may also lead to TMJ disorders.

where to get tmj treatment in boynton beach?

Receive Quality TMJ Therapy in Boynton Beach

If you’re experiencing TMJ disorders and you want to undergo therapy, you can schedule an appointment with Franklin A Landers DDS. Our team is prepared to answer all questions about your dental health and appearance. Your smile and dental health is our top priority!

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