Why Laser Dentistry is Beneficial for Dental Anxiety

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November 15, 2020

Dental anxiety typically stems from a bad dental experience during childhood. Drills, needles, or simply being placed in a vulnerable position can trigger it. Fortunately, we now have laser dentistry in Boynton Beach.

Laser dentistry offers a more comfortable alternative to traditional treatments. It uses lasers instead of drills, and it reduces the need for needles to administer anesthesia. It can help improve the dental experience, not only for those with dental anxiety but for everyone.

Where can I find Laser Dentistry Boynton Beach?

Why is Laser Dentistry Beneficial for Those with Dental Anxiety?

Does Not Need a Dental Drill

Traditional dental treatments use a drill to get rid of decay within a tooth. Unfortunately, a lot of people are afraid of this tool. They find the sound of a drill uncomfortable, and therefore, assuming it’s painful.

Laser dentistry in Boynton Beach uses a laser to remove decay and prepare the enamel for the filling. It’s not painful, and it does not make a drilling sound. The use of lasers in dentistry can significantly improve the dental experience for both children and adults.

Lessens the Need for a Needle

A lot of people are hesitant to go to the dentist because they’re afraid of needles. Laser dentistry offers a more comfortable alternative to traditional treatments. It causes less discomfort in some procedures, which help cut the need for anesthesia through an IV. It can incentivize people who have a fear of needles to visit the dentist.

Reduces Bleeding and Swelling

For soft tissue treatments, this form of dentistry can be very helpful. It can precisely reshape gums, get rid of bacteria during a root canal, and remove small tissue pieces for biopsy. Because lasers are so precise, they reduce bleeding and swelling. Lasers are also great for eliminating lesions and relieving pain from canker sores.

Where can I find Laser Dentistry Boynton Beach?

Looking for Laser Dentistry in Boynton Beach?

Laser dentistry in Boynton Beach is beneficial for people with dental anxiety and allows them to receive the treatment they need! At Franklin A Landers DDS, we a wide range of dental treatments, including laser dentistry!

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